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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Email, Security, Performance, Happy Users - a year of ideas and best practices from ACA Guy

Summary: Improve email performance, meet security and compliance mandates, and make end users and IT happy, all at the same time - a year of ACA Guy to make the world a better place.

A retrospective.

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Oh-my, oh-my, oh-my! From the modest Hello, World entry on May 10, 2006, this posting will mark the one year anniversary for the ACA Guy! This is an excellent time for a quick retrospective on the business issues, solutions, and examples covered in the past year. Maybe you’ll see something here to solve your business problems and spark your interest in Accellion's secure file transfer solution!

Overworked email systems clogged up with large attachments

This is probably the number one reason why companies come calling on Accellion. Their email systems are pushed to the breaking point by the many large attachments that are increasingly common in most business processes. These email attachments are causing systematic impact on the entire infrastructure. And, more important, by rendering the email system -- the number one productivity tool for most enterprises -- ineffective, this is no longer an IT issue but a business problem.

Some email administrators try to solve the issue by imposing file size limitations. Rather than solving a problem, it just exacerbates the headache when end users can’t complete their business processes that require the transfer of files to and from other people.

Accellion's secure file transfer solution complements your existing email infrastructure and lets end users send files/folders of any size without IT intervention.

Attachment Limits: Myth or Reality? Not If You Use Accellion
Integrate Accellion SFTA with Email Client So End Users Do Not Have to Leave Email to Send Large Files Securely
Using Exchange/Outlook and Domino/Notes with Accellion Secure File Transfer Appliance
No Pain is Gain - What email focused VAR partners are doing for email size limits
Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Attachment Size: Best Practices, Limits, and Solutions

Security and compliance requirements also apply to file transfer processes

Gone are the nonchalant days when workers can send information in an open and unsecured way. Now security and compliance mandates are pushing every organizations to ask questions like: “If I send this confidential business plan via email, could it be seen by the wrong people?”, “I need to post patient information on a FTP server for a consulting doctor, but does that meet HIPAA regulations?”, “How can our lawyers send us information about the case on trial?”

Security and privacy for business processes that involve file transfer are key considerations for adopting the Accellion solution.

Listen to Forbes! Do Not Accept that Email Attachment. Use Accellion Instead
Be like Tom Cruise (or Peter Graves) and Get Your Files to Self-Destruct Securely
Ideals and Realities - Who is Responsible for Ensuring Security and Compliance for Files Transfer?
Secure and Compliant File Transfer = Technology + Human Behavior
Security and Auditability Legislative Mandates: Do Your File Transfer Processes Comply?
Are you Federal Rules of Civil Procedure - Rule 37 section (f) compliant? Accellion SFTA can help

Users need the ability to run business processes without asking IT for permission or help every time.

Technology should be an enabler, not a stumbling block for knowledge workers. An end-user should not have to request permission to have a larger file size limit in email, to post a file to an FTP server, or to receive a large file from someone outside the company. What’s more, the IT department shouldn’t get bogged down handling these kinds of requests.

How to get out of this rut? Implement a file transfer technology like Accellion's that is easy for everyone to use – including authorized people who are outside the company.

Collaboration Solution as a Business Productivity Tool
When it Absolutely, Positively Has To Get There and Back, Right Now
Let External Users Send Large Files Back Securely without Harassing IT
Secure File Transfer Comes of Age in the Era of Pervasive Computing
Putting the Machine in Deus ex Machina - Sending folders and 10GB files without IT Help

This has been a great year of sharing the Accellion experiences in solving business problems and boosting users' productivity without bugging the IT team.

And, we have just gotten started.


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Media Coverage

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Journal
Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Journal - Track and Report Conformance During File Transfers
: Survey results confirm need for broader tracking and reporting features introduced in Accellion’s Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance.

ConstruTech - Perini Deploys Accellion
: ...[P]rotect our email infrastructure with the associated archiving systems while allowing users to send very large files as part of their regular business processes.

Press Releases
Keker & Van Nest Selects Accellion’s Secure File Transfer Solution for Its Large File Transfer Needs

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