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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Be a Superhero like Spider-Man by Offering a "Stupid Easy" Secure Large File Transfer Solution

Summary: What Accellion customers and prospects are telling us. Saving marketing teams from certain doom and providing solutions that anyone can use. ACA Guy wishes he could have made up good plots like these...

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If you have not seen Spider-Man 3, I will not spoil it for you. But, it is safe to say that our superhero prevails in the end. Wouldn't that be nice in real life? Just when things look their bleakest with hope fading, along comes the intrepid superhero to get the job done!

It happened to an Accellion customer recently. I have removed some information to protect the innocents, but this is more or less verbatim of the email I got:

Friday night I saw an e-mail from a colleague in our marketing department on my Blackberry. She was trying to e-mail an RFP to a prospective client, but the message kept getting rejected on the other side due to the size of the attachment. It was 7:45pm and the deadline for RFP submission was 8:00. I set her up on the Accellion box, and an e-mail successfully went through just before the deadline. The next day she got the download receipt, and the client reported that "this approach worked very well."

Ultimately it's too soon to tell if we'll get the client, but your box really came through for the firm this weekend!

I can see it all in my mind now. The marketing team slaved over the proposal, worked out all the possible scenarios, and it was the job of the team leader (played by the lovely Kristin Dunst) to get the proposal over. With 15 minutes left on the clock, zoom in on the despair of the team leader when the proposal was rejected by the client's email server. Then, swoop in our IT superhero from the ceiling (played by Tobey Maguire) whose quick thinking and preparedness saved the day by getting the proposal over via Accellion secure file transfer solution with seconds to spare.

Well, I suppose that may be a hard Spider-Man story to sell, but the emotion was probably quite real for the team leader who spent hours or possibly days preparing the proposal to submit to the prospective client. What would happen if she had missed the deadline because the email system couldn’t handle her file? She would have done a lot of work for nothing. She could have been reprimanded for blowing the deal over her poor planning on how to deliver the proposal. Instead, the Accellion solution gets the job done with minimum drama.

Lesson learnt: Add Accellion secure file transfer solution to your toolbox and you, too, can be a superhero.


And speaking of talking with customers, one of our super sales reps told me that he recently talked with a prospect looking for a secure file transfer solution. Specifically, the prospect came to Accellion because he needs a solution that is stupid easy because that is what his end users need.

May not be the exact phrase I would have used but stupid easy does pretty much describe the Accellion method. Naturally, I think of it more as super easy, but, secure large file transfer made stupid easy works for me too.


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