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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Keep Information and File Transfer Safe from the Omniscient and Prying Eyes of Google

Summary: Google provides an omniscient tool for the relentless searchers to find an information needle in a haystack. Use an Accellion file transfer appliance to keep confidential data away from the clutches of Google's vast tentacles.

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In an old posting on ftp in the era of search engines, I mused over the new reality of Google and other search engines automatically finding and indexing information that you have stored on FTP servers. Obviously, this is a security, privacy, and compliance concern for all involved.

On top of that news comes a posting on the Future Lawyer website on Google Web History. In short, this utility keeps a history of every Google search a person does. The blogger speculates: could a person be compelled by a court to reveal his web searches as discoverable evidence in a trial?

Having Google disgorge private information is probably more common that anyone cares to contemplate. I was doing a Google search on a company recently and turned up a document listing contact and fee information for a proposal that I am sure that they do not know is in the "public domain." My speculation based on the content is that the file was sent as an email attachment and somewhere, somebody exposed the document inadvertently.

Life under the omniscience of Google can be tricky. And, if FTP and email as file transfer methods are problematic under the prying eyes of search engines and other information collection spiders, where does the Accellion secure file transfer solution fit?

The short answer is "No." Google and other spiders cannot penetrate the Accellion solution to index the information because the system requires login and comes with a sophisticated set of enterprise class access controls to prevent unauthorized access from those black hat spiders.

In addition to stopping snooping eyes at the front gate, Accellion appliance has two more features that provide extra safety. First, the life-cycle management utility regularly removes files that have reached their designated expiration timeframe. So, the quantity of files available on the system is limited - compared to FTP servers which keep files forever until they are manually removed. And second, the Accellion solution allows you to encrypt files stored on the system so that only authorized users with the correct decryption information can read the files you've stored there.

So, people all around the world can google for your private data all they want. But, if it’s stored on an Accellion secure file transfer solution, there’s no fear it will be revealed.


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