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Friday, June 23, 2006

When it Absolutely, Positively Has To Get There and Back, Right Now

I was talking with the CTO of a global media company, a customer, and was impressed by the fact that his users are regularly trading more than one terabyte (1TB) worth of data using the Accellion Courier SFTA clusters per month. (Just to give a sense of scale, that is more than 1,400 CD's worth of data every 30 days!)

What is even more impressive beyond the sheer size of data exchanged is the fact that more than 50% of the users of the systems are outside of the company - clients, consultants, partners.

In other words, the ability to exchange files with external user is a critical capability.

While the unabated file size growth and nascent compliance requirements are driving the adoption of Accellion SFTA for file transfer needs, another key operational driver is the collaborative and rapidly iterative nature of most business processes today.

A mere five-ten years ago, depending on your industry, you would ask a partner to send you a document for review via FedEx when "it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight." With each delivery taking one to two days, collaboration is at a somewhat leisurely pace.

Today. It is one hour away from a meeting with major investors. The CEO wants to have 15 minutes to go through the slides one last time. The trusted (and outside) graphic designer is just about ready with the 75MB killer presentation that you finally got everyone to agree to and sent over 20 minutes ago.

Problem. The designer has an email attachment limit of 5MB. You cannot get a straight answer from IT on who is in charge of the FTP server, let alone who can create a new ID/password for the designer to upload the file right now. You know that the security and compliance team would come down on you like a ton of rocks if you let the highly sensitive information travel through a hosted site whose infrastructure they know nothing about.

Solution. Accellion Courier SFTA lets you invite the designer to log into a web interface and send that 75MB hunk of a file to you right now. No IT intervention required and, if your designer knows how to use webmail like Yahoo (and who doesn't these days), she does not need training to know how to use the file transfer.

In today's collaborative and rapid iterative processes with compressed time frame, overnight is an eternity.

Maybe the new business mantra is "Accellion Courier SFTA: when it absolutely, positively has to get there and get back, right now."


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