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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Global Product Excellence Award for Secure File Transfer Appliance: Winner - Accellion

Summary: Accellion customers have spoken - Accellion has won the 2007 Global Product Excellence Award. It is about security, ease of deployment and administration, ease of use, and happy users.

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I’m pleased to tell you that Accellion has received a 2007 Global Product Excellence Award -- Customer Trust from the Info Security Products Guide. Accellion’s award comes in the category of “secure file transfer appliance.”

While it’s always nice to garner a recognition, what makes this one especially gratifying is that it is customers and end users that cast the votes. In other words, we have won the American Idol for secure file transfer appliance all thanks to our legion of fans – the people who trust and depend on the Accellion Secure File Transfer Solution day after day.


As I talk with Accellion customers, I hear their stories of how our secure file transfer solution transforms and enhances their organizational processes. Most of our customers cite ease of use for end users as a main driving factor that led them to look for a secure file transfer solution in the first place. But once they looked a little closer at the Accellion solution, they found the robust security features we’ve built in. And while other file transfer products might have elements of these features, taken as a whole, no enterprise file transfer solution can even come close to the total package of security and ease of use that Accellion delivers.

For security features, here are some of the popular ones:

Information storage and transmission encryption – files can be encrypted during transmission, sending and receiving, and storage using the appliance. This protects the file while it is “waiting for delivery.”

Integration with enterprise directory systems -- For enterprise deployments, companies can link the Accellion appliance(s) to the network directory (e.g., LDAP and Active Directory) that controls all end user access to network resources. This ensures security while making it easy for the IT administrators.

Virus checking – The system administrator can set the appliance such that all files placed on it are screened for viruses and malware.

Automated file lifecycle management – The appliance has automated processes to remove files that have reached their “expiration date” on the appliance without administrator intervention while giving the senders control over the exact file lifecycle. This also helps to satisfy requirements under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, rule 37.

Audit features – Audit trails list who has been sending and receiving files, which helps organizations to comply with security and privacy mandates in legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley, the Graham Leach Bliley Act (GLBA), and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Aside from the security features mentioned above, customers also tell me they like the appliance form factor that just plugs into a company’s network. Everything is owned and administered by the company. There is no concern about someone else hosting your files, or about pieces of files being transferred via peer-to-peer networks.

In other words, the solution is enterprise-grade in security and administration but easy to use like a consumer product. The best of all possible worlds.


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