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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Think Globally but Act (and Send Files) Locally with Accellion Release 6.0

Summary: English is the “lingua franca” of the global business world, but many users still prefer to operate in more familiar languages such as German, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Accellion lets you do that.

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Do you have customers, partners, or clients who prefer to operate in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean? All of these languages are important tools of the business world in our global economy. With colleagues, business partners or customers in other parts of the world, chances are they prefer to transact business in a language they feel comfortable with, and this isn’t always English. What’s more, some markets, like France and Quebec, require that you use the native language.

We recognize that fact, and thus we have internationalized the Accellion Secure File Transfer solution. Release 6.0 of our product, announced in early June and now available, has user interfaces localized for six languages: English, French, German, Korean, Japanese and simplified Chinese. Our customers who need to send and receive large files with people all around the world appreciate being able to use a language that is familiar to them.

Look at Millward Brown, one of the world’s leading research companies. This company has a diverse staff located in 75 offices spread across 43 countries. As a research leader, collaboration within the company is critical. Sometimes ideas, designs and plans are shooting back and forth among colleagues and clients as fast as the workers can push “send” on their Accellion file transfer application. We’ve now made it even easier for these workers to collaborate in a friendly and familiar language.

And now consider China, a powerhouse in the world of business. With its economy expanding at a rate above 9 percent yearly since the turn of the century, this country is not a force to ignore. China’s growth comes not only from soaring sales oversees, but also from tremendous domestic demand. Accellion took this into consideration as we developed our Secure File Transfer Solution with the simplified Chinese user interface. Business colleagues all around China can use a familiar language in their business transactions that require sending and receiving large files.

I once had a colleague who kept a plaque on his wall that said Think globally. Act locally. That’s the exact principle we have in mind as we launch multi-language support in our product.

The new native-language user interfaces of release 6.0 of the Accellion solution are important, but that’s not all that’s new in our product. We’ve added increased auditing capabilities, device clustering for increased availability, support for Outlook 2007, additional user access security settings, and more. Read more about release 6.0 on the Accellion site.


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