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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Make Your Vote Count; Spring Ahead "Correctly" with Your Secure File Transfer Solutions

Summary: Vote for Accellion!

This year's Daylights Saving Time is causing a stir because all systems with calendaring and scheduling functions need an update. Accellion, too, is providing an update for this reason. Find out what it means and who will be impacted as we "spring ahead."

*Make your voice heard*

Accellion's secure file transfer appliance has been selected for inclusion in the Info Security Products Guide. Naturally, I think we are the best in the category. But, strangely, the editorial team at Info Security prefers to test my argument via a voting scheme.

So, cast your vote for Accellion. Click on this Info Security Products Guide voting link and select Accellion as the vendor. For the rest, follow the directions.

**Returning to regularly scheduled program**

It’s March, and that means spring is just around the corner. And with Daylight Savings Time (DST) moving up by a few weeks this year, it will seem like spring is arriving earlier than usual.
BTW, don’t forget to set your clock ahead by an hour this weekend!

Accellion’s support line has been getting calls from anxious IT people who want to know if Courier Secure File Transfer appliances take into account the early change to DST. Yes, folks, it does, with a routine update of our software. Just go through the standard procedure of accepting the system update as it appears on your administrative console and there will be no problems with the time change, now or later in the year when DST comes to an end.

Why is DST even an issue for IT personnel? Well, many computer applications were not prepared for the earlier-than-usual change in time, which comes March 11 instead of April 1 in 2007. Without a patch to the software, an application could fail to recognize the time change and be “off” by an hour. This is a potentially critical issue for applications that involve calendaring or scheduling.

The Courier secure file transfer appliance does rely on a scheduling application. It is part of the life-cycle management for files stored on the appliance. Let’s say you send a file to someone and ask that it be held on the appliance for 30 days. Our scheduling tool holds the document for precisely 30 days – and not one hour less or more. This is why the DST patch is important to users of a Courier appliance.

Many Accellion customers integrate their secure file transfer appliance with their enterprise email system, such as Microsoft Exchange/Outlook or Lotus Domino/Notes. The DST patch is important for ensuring that time is synchronized between the email system and the file transfer appliance.

Applying the software update is an easy thing for the appliance administrator to do. It literally takes just a few minutes. Best of all, the end users don’t need to do a thing to effectuate the change. They can just keep doing what they are doing without a disruption to productivity.

Hope everyone springs ahead with ease.


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