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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to Buy Accellion's Secure File Transfer Appliance, Exactly?

Summary: You won’t find Accellion’s appliances in a retail store or an eCommerce website over the Internet. As an enterprise IT solution, you can buy the appliances directly from Accellion or from one of our knowledgeable partners around the world. Read more about the process and what it means for you.


Someone pointed out to me recently that there is no Buy Now option on the Accellion website. She asked me, “How does a company buy your product?” Ah, indeed, a very good question because everyone should buy at least one of the Accellion Courier Secure File Transfer products!

The fact of the matter is, even though we call it an appliance, there is still a little bit of scoping work we need to do before you make your purchase. We want to understand how your company intends to use the appliance, such as how many and what kind of documents you will push through it, and how often. This helps us recommend the right model and configuration to meet your specific needs. That’s why you won’t find Accellion appliances in a retail store and you can't load it onto a virtual shopping cart on the Internet.

It’s like buying a whole-house air conditioning unit for your home. You don’t head down to the hardware store to just pick up a unit. Instead, you work through a reputable A/C dealer who will ask the dimensions of your home, and whether you will have multiple units in order to “zone” your home. Then the dealer can recommend the right products to appropriately handle the workload for your house. We do the same for your file transfer needs.

When you are ready to buy your Courier appliance(s), the place to start is at Accellion. Contact us and tell us a bit about your needs. You can buy your product directly from us, or you can choose to work with a value-added reseller, or VAR. We find that many of our customers prefer to work through a VAR they already know and trust. VARs are good because they are usually local to you and they already know your IT environment. Even if your VAR doesn’t currently sell Accellion products, let us know and we can get them to include Accellion as a solution in their portfolio.

If you don’t have a preferred VAR and still want to go though one, we can recommend one within the Accellion reseller network that meets your needs. Accellion channel partners are trained to scope your needs and install the right product for you. They can provide ongoing services and support as well. Many of our partners have specific industry or regional expertise. So, you can take advantage of their domain expertise.

By the way, there’s no price differential in buying direct from Accellion or from one of our authorized resellers. Accellion considers our partners as a strategic part of the business model, so we look for way to work with the partners instead of competing against them.

Whichever way you want to buy Accellion secure file transfer solutions, click on the link for – direct from Accellion, through your preferred VAR, or through an Accellion partner that we recommend to you. Give us some very basic information and we’ll promptly follow-up to scope your requirements and have the right resource take care of your business needs.

This is how you buy Accellion's Secure File Transfer Solutions.

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