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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hey, Get Your Own Accellion Secure File Transfer Appliance Box!

Summary: Accellion customers often start with just one of our appliances and add more boxes as workers from other departments ask for access and are told to "get your own box".


Have you seen the commercials for the Cheez-It snack? A person with a box of the crackers tells others to “get your own box” when they ask for a handout because the crackers are just too good to share.

Well, I’ve found that some customers view the Accellion Courier secure file transfer appliance in the same way – it’s just too good to share. Departments who are early adopters of the appliance tell their colleagues: Get your own box!

We often find that one business group with an on-going need for secure file transfer as part of the routine business process will be the first ones to bring an Accellion appliance box into the company. It doesn’t take long before the buzz spreads that this department has this convenient new tool for sending and receiving large files that requires no IT intervention. Others ask to use it. Sharing is fine to a point, and then the group just has to tell the moochers to get their own box.

Similarly, we have also seen cases where a particular business unit within the large enterprise is the designated center of excellence for IT solutions where there are in-depth resources and knowledge to deploy, evaluate, and recommend solutions for corporate level adoption. This is a win-win process as the users get hands-on exposure to the Accellion solution without the risk of corporate wide deployment and Accellion gets up-sell opportunities.

"Get your own box" and center of excellence are how it happened with a number of large and geographically distributed enterprises from health-care (multiple hospitals), medical devices (distributed R&D around the world), to manufacturing (global design and manufacturing locations).

Equally important is that starting small and adding more appliances later is a simple process. The Accellion Courier platform is architected to accommodate an individual group via a single box to an entire large enterprise with multiple locations and very high volumes of file transfer with distributed appliance clusters. In fact, you can grow from one type of configuration to the other without end users noticing the change. So, if your department is the early adopter of the appliance or the center of excellence for new solutions, Accellion makes it easy for both the end users and IT administrators.

Of course, we have yet to see a customer willing to give up his box once it’s in place. More than anything, they love the new found capabilities and tell others: Get your own (Accellion) box!


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