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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Latest Release of Accellion Secure File Transfer Solution Could Help More Than 75% of the Companies Surveyed on Secure File Transfer

Summary: How are more than 75% of companies sending files? Survey results reveal all. How does Accellion's latest secure file transfer appliance release provide a complete loop that is secure and easy to use, and which documents security compliance automatically? Look under the hood and find out.


Recently Accellion commissioned a study to find out the various file transfer methods that companies of different sizes tend to use. Specifically, we wanted to learn more about companies’ concerns about security and compliance when sending and receiving files within the firewall as well as with external organizations.

We found that more than 75% of organizations surveyed use direct electronic methods, such as email, FTP and hosted file transfer, to transfer files/data among users and between organizations. Additionally, and not surprisingly, many of these same organizations (nearly 70%) also use less direct methods, such as burning CDs or copying files to USB "thumb drives" to send data to recipients outside the organization.

Regardless of the file transfer method(s) in use, the survey revealed that a majority of businesses are concerned that they aren’t doing enough to secure their private data when it is “in motion” and to meet the compliance requirements of government regulations.

Prior to release 5.5 of our appliance product, Accellion's secure file transfer appliance had many features that aided a company’s security and compliance measures for file transfer. This latest release addes to the capabilities for tracking information for compliance purposes.

For instance, a new feature provides a record of what files have been sent, regardless of their access status, via the Courier secure file transfer appliance. Added to the pre-existing capabilities, a user can now

* receive large files securely
* automatically log the access history of files sent – who downloaded what and when
* automatically document the send history of files – what and when was sent to whom

all within the Accellion solution. And these features help enterprise users meet HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley mandates which dictate that your business processes must be clearly documented. The Accellion solution's reports help you document the flow of your business files without requiring additional bureaucratic overhead.

Release 5.5 also addresses a handful of features requested by Accellion customers, end users and IT. For example, users now have the ability to specify CC: and BCC: recipients in addition to identifying people in the TO: field. Another enhancement adds standard and proprietary diagnostic tools in the administration console, so the administrator does not need to run a separate window to fire up one of these utilities.

Still more enhancements we put into Release 5.5 are completely under the hood: we made significant improvements so that the source code is easier to maintain and Accellion can bring out updates to our products more efficiently and effectively in the future.

Definitely a good thing for the many companies around the world that have come to rely on Accellion Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance for secure and reliable file transfer.


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