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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Get Back 30 - How to Let Users and CFO's Fall in Love with You

Summary: Get Back 30 is an IT initiative by a Fortune 50 Accellion customer that aims to relieve its (130,000+) employees from inefficient processes. In addition to making the end users and IT team happy, the multiplier effect on overall organizational capacity would make any CFO smile.

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There's a lot to be learned from a household name Fortune 50 multi-national firm that finds innovative ways to leverage the latest IT best practice to enhance its business processes. This Accellion customer has just launched an initiative to encourage its employees to become even more efficient through the use of time-saving technologies. The campaign is called Get Back 30, and it promotes the idea of recovering 30 minutes in the daily processes by doing things smartly. It’s a tangible drive to find more value for the company in its premier resource: its people.

I’m thrilled to tell you that the Accellion Secure File Transfer solution factors into the company’s Get Back 30 initiative by allowing employees to send files and large attachments within and outside the company in an easy and efficient manner. Employees are encouraged to use the Accellion solution to send large files instead of using awkward and time-consuming processes like FTP servers. I can’t think of a better endorsement of how our solution helps improve business processes that involve sending and receiving files.

As Get Back 30 rolls out, I expect more employees will welcome the easy-to-use secure file transfer solution, and find benefit in being able to quickly and securely trade work files with coworkers, clients and colleagues inside and outside the company.

While Get Back 30 is all about helping people become more efficient, increasing use of the Accellion solution within the company delivers a side benefit of making other technology more efficient, too. I’m speaking, of course, about the company’s enterprise email system. As more and more employees grow accustomed to sending their usual email attachments through an Accellion appliance, the new usage model relieves the strain on the overburdened email resources. Consequently, the company spends less time and money managing the burgeoning growth of the email system.

So, the benefit of Get Back 30 does not apply only to the end users, which is considerable as it is, but it also accrues to the IT team. They, too, “get back 30” when they expend less effort maintaining the enterprise email system. Their time can now be better spent being proactive with other IT projects.

So, how does this work out? Let's assume an organization of 10,000 people. Each person, on the conservative side, would recoup 60 minutes per month as a result of using the Accellion solution as part of the Get Back 30 initiative. That would work out to be 120,000 man hours that would not have been available without Accellion. This particular customer has more than 130,000 employees. Now, these are IT expenditures with ROI multiplier numbers that even the CFO would love.


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