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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What customers are saying about Accellion SFTA and a Happy 2007

Summary: What is driving the demand for Accellion secure file transfer appliance? What are the experiences for users and IT once SFTA is installed? These are snippets of what customers have told us.


Secure File Transfer is an universal need for all industries and organizational sizes. So, as you get ready for 2007, check if any of these typical customer comments ring true and consider if there should be an Accellion SFTA on your 2007 to-get list.

(Okay. Okay. I admit it. ACA Guy's handler is out on vacation. So, I have turned to customers for content. As always, names have been withheld to protect the not always innocent.)


Ouch! We have to fix this.

A few weeks ago an employee set up an FTP account for company X. People at X turned around and gave a whole bunch of people outside of X access to the FTP account unbeknownst to us. As we were exchanging data and information through that FTP account, unauthorized people were getting confidential and competitive data that they shouldn’t have seen.

Global Advertising Agency


Because secure file transfer is important for our clients

We have many high profile clients and securing file transfer in a way that our attorneys can easily use is important for all transactions.

Global Law Firm


See the Gain (usage) Without the Pain (support calls)

I initially handed out access to a few people who were regularly sending 60MB PPT files and refusing to use anything other than email. Demand for access grew virally as new users hear about and ask for this new tool.

What closed the deal for me is that as user count "takes off", the user support hotline remains dormant.

Medical Research Foundation


Get your own SFTA!

[SFTA] is being used by ALL sorts of people - documentation, clinical, marketing and sales, field engineers. I am getting constant calls from people who want to have access to the system immediately.

While I will probably give access to other divisions on a limited basis, this box is for our division and they'll have to buy their own.

Medical Device Company


Happy Users = Happy IT

I used to get lots of complaints about ad hoc large file transfer from doctors. But, since its [Accellion SFTA] installation, I have gotten zero complaints.

Healthcare Institution


And, regardless of where you are on the secure file transfer readiness scale, the Best Wishes for a Joyful and Successful 2007 from the entire Accellion team.


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